mom*tog memory poppy fields

when we were little girls my dad took us to a field thick with poppies in Woodstock near Oxford and we picked poppies and wheat and my mum put them in a vase on the table. I’d love to take my girls to share the same experience but all i could find was this tiny field with a small scattering of poppies.

I’m on always on the look out for great locations for a portrait shoot so when the girls and i were driving home from Garson’s Farm and i spotted this forest we pulled over to have a look.

We bought the masks at the Farm Shop and they were playing with them in the car but i love how they look in this forest photo!

Mom*Tog Memory, Sisters

When I found out we were having twin girls, everyone said “Oh how lucky they will be to have a best friend, always.” Over the past 19 months, I haven’t seen too much affection toward one another. They’ve been on separate tracks, figuring out their little places in this world. Lately though, the giggles have increased as Clara chases June down the hall or when June peaks around the carseat to look at Clara. Clara always looks out for June. If she convinces me to give her a paci, June must have one too. There most certainly is a flip side to this affection. If one of them gets something that the other one doesn’t have, a serious, serious melt-down ensues. Clara always steals June’s toys and June always pulls Clara’s hair, just because. The list goes on and it will change too. One day they’ll be fighting over boys and clothes instead of toys and books. But, they will also be the best kind of best friends, because they are sisters and nothing will change that.

This past weekend, it was bath time. June was out of the tub and Clara was still in. They were throwing toys in and out of the tub, which is apparently hilarious. I said, “Kisses!” to distract them and what I got was the cutest moment every captured on an iPhone. That’s right…EVER! :)

mom*tog memory

This is Leila’s latest favourite pose! Taken on a recent holiday to Sharm el Sheikh, the sun was setting on a beautiful day and she was dressed for dinner.

I’ve been obsessing over the Canon 45mm tse lens for a while now, in terms of lenses it’s a luxy rather than a necessity but i’ve always been intrigued with the effects it creates in portrait photography. So I saved and saved and finally bit the bullet. I’ve not regretted it one bit. It has a steep learning curve but i just love it.

Taken with the Canon 7D.