My Studio

Just recently had a spontaneous move of my own into a studio space.  It’s like having another child, but worth every hour spent renovating!!  Can you spot my son peeking out??!   ;)

MAK Photography, studio space



  1. I LOVE the light airiness and that fantastic parlor couch. and the canvas display is just awesome!

  2. Summer Crosbie says

    It’s gorgeous!

  3. I’m jealous! This is my big dream/goal in life is to run my own photography business.
    Anymore photos/tips to share?

  4. Avatar of Marissa Marissa says

    Love it!! I’m so jealous of the amazing light you have in that room!

  5. Avatar of Tiffiny Tiffiny says

    Just saw your portfolio and wow your work is amazing! Did you do an internship in photography before you opened your business? I wish my pics looked like that!

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