Fleeting Moments

It seems like just yesterday that I was nursing my first son … 6 years ago.  Now, my third is on the verge of weaning himself.  I finally overcame my fear of self-portraits and became determined to capture this phase of life that very soon will be a distant, but cherished, memory…

What parts of your daily life … and what habits of your children … have you NOT captured yet with your camera?  I encourage you to do so quickly… because these moments … these phases… are fleeting.  :)

All shot with Nikon d700 and 50mm 1.4



  1. Lindsay Macmanus says

    These are beautiful. I only wish I would have captured the same thing before my nursing days were over. Did you have someone take these for you? Great job!

  2. Thank you, Lindsay… They were all taken on a tri-pod, the first with the self-timer. :) My 6-year-old pushed the shutter for me on the second two!

  3. Avatar of Ekta Ekta says

    awww. They are so precious and meaningful. You have inspired me to get a tri-pod and start taking those sweet mommy baby moments!

  4. Evangeline says

    No way! These are gorgeous. On a tripod with self-timer?! Unbelievable. Well… there’s certainly no excuse for me now to not get such a shot. Next baby…

  5. Monica says

    these gorgeous photos have reduced me to tears. i did the same thing when my daugter was weaning. i wish i had had a tripod. thank you for sharing such intimate and beautiful photos, lacey!

  6. Jane says

    These are beautiful and now a must for me before my 8 month old weans… and can only hope for a decent shot, he’s so squirmy! Thank you for sharing!

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