Entering the Momtog World

3 months old today. I’ve never been a baby person. I spent my entire pregnancy upset, afraid, angry, etc.; I just was not looking forward to being a mom (even though I knew that the timing was right and that this was right for us). Since having Darrow, I am completely at peace. Life feels right with him in it. He’s added such a special dimension to our family that I never knew existed. There are nights of little sleep, diaper explosions, extra bags to carry around, and more laundry to do, but I wouldn’t trade life now for anything. The depression before and during pregnancy weren’t fun, but I think it has made the current peace and joy more recognizable, appreciated, and special. I wouldn’t change previous chapters of my life, but now that I’m in this chapter, I wouldn’t go back to any previous time in life. I’m loving life as a mom (and subsequently a Momtographer). Life is good. Life is Joy. And now my family and friends can all say “I told you so.”

Nikon D90, 50 mm lens, f 2.2, 1/150, ISO 350

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