Enjoying Simplicity!

Photography can be used to capture the perplexities of life… to make us think, and contemplate, and be inspired.  While I enjoy and appreciate all of these things, I absolutely ADORE using photography to capture the simplicities of our daily life.

And what better to capture than the simple things that bring a one-year-old joy?

Life is so complicated, but when you look through the eyes of your child, it is really so very simple!



  1. Kathleen says

    Great shots! Love the natural lighting

  2. Lacey is not only a gifted photographer but a wonderful person. Truly, her photography is an expression of her heart. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. Lynne says

    I love these! So fresh and clean! Great work, Lacey!

  4. Ashley Spaulding says

    Beautiful lighting in these images, Lacey! I love them all…sure looks like he was having a blast!

  5. ann marie says

    too cute! my son does the same thing with my breast pads. hahaha

  6. What great shots! So adorable!

    & I think the fresh look & colors of your house! =)

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  8. Avatar of Ekta Ekta says

    Awesome Lighting. And your lil man is so adorable! Love the one with the Nursing pads :) So Cute pictures!

  9. Beautiful work! I love Lacey – her work is always so bright, clean, and authentic (and she’s an incredible person to boot!!).

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