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hall that, there has been a lot of shadows stands, and all tyrannical breath, and in which, Xiao Yan is Feng Qing children again saw the others.
‘Hey,’ came it very fast ” to see the figure, Xiao Yan face could not help but sneer passing touch. 1230th chapters Zhudian within
vast hall, the figure standing scattered,Coach Outlet Store Online, except for a few of the loner, the rest are mostly those who have not weak were the first major forces in the Central Plains,Coach Outlet, beyond this being in addition to the family and the thunder demon days Phoenix House , Glacier Valley, Valley 焚炎 forces etc., are all already here, it seems quite clear that their goal after ten into the ruins, is a direct rushed here.
while in Hsiao go far into the hall,Coach Outlet, nature is immediately aroused the house by a lot of people’s attention, the moment a road or alert, or hatred, or cast ** friendly sun is over.
For these eyes, Xiao Yan’d laugh it off,Coach Outlet, clear line of sight glanced azimuth Phoenix where children and others, saw the latter, who was staring at him darkly colored front,Coach Outlet Store, presumably heart and mind or spirit beast previously hood eat burned inside, for this scene, Xiao Yan mouth also surfaced hint of sneer, in that many eyes watching, with a pedestrian slowly into the hall, and then stopped in the main hall.
into the hall,Coach Outlet Store Online, Xiao Yan had just discovered that the towering stone blocks in the disk around a dozen sitting silhouette, these shadows whole body was the color of lime, from afar like a stone in general, eyes closed, such a posture do not know how many years saved, but even so, but more than a dozen stone-like figure, but it is so that was all the people are afraid to set foot in the stone blocks around the feet range.
see these stone-like and no – no angry silhouette, small medical cents surprised whispered.

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it should be a seven-stage fire attribute magic nucleus, did not think there is this old devil magic and other collectibles -’ ‘
seven bands of Warcraft, that is the equivalent of these bands do not fight it,Coach Outlet, such as strength of Warcraft magic nuclei formed by the body, but the value is very expensive, and this level of Warcraft, Euro RSCG is better than the human difference, if really backed into a dead end, even blew magic nucleus, it will not allow the enemy to succeed,Coach Factory Outlet, therefore, very few people can get this level of magic nuclei.
Xiao Yan is nodded, amazed eyes on the rocket red beads for a moment, then turned to another one looks very ordinary bamboo. ‘
gray brown bamboo, materials seem very ordinary, but Xiao Yan is known to be closed at the old devil magic stuff here,Coach Outlet Online, how could what is an unusual thing?
gently lifted above the thin bamboo, Xiao Yan slowly to the spread,Coach Outlet Store Online, then, reveals a promise of some Henli discredited characters, out there in his eyes sweep under, so obtaining the fierce heart hop. ‘Days demon puppet!’
郱Zcn fiction
Mobile Q: Http: //Wap.郱Z�np; coM computer access: http: //Www.郱嚜璘�n,Coach Outlet Online.coM eight hundred and ninetieth chapters raise saliva soul
‘demon days ashamed?’
looked at the three blood-red characters, Xiao Yan eyes is a condensate, immediately hearts with a little hint of doubt, the bamboo spread slowly, suddenly, those which reveals a bloodthirsty taste of fine blood-red font, then India is among the eyelid.
‘ashamed demon days, this method of non-power law, but also the extraordinary fighting skills, but a puppet of skill handed down from ancient times, the desire demon days refining ashamed,Coach Outlet, three things need to gather. body, soul, and the devil Core to the body as a unit. In the soul for the lead, with magic nucleus for the heart,

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heard, Tang Zhen hesitated a moment, but it is seen at the side of the red woman slowly nodded: ‘It is important, but in the past six months, have this immortality refining success, I have been going to , if the refining fails, they go to those old guys please Danta shot. ‘
‘? But you did not go directly to Danta who wanted to ask them to pay the shot,coach bags outlet sale, it certainly is extremely high,Coach Outlet Online,’ Xiao Yan softly, immediately added: ‘That I do not know even if I am with the Magic Masters assistance, when Don Guzhu refining immortality,Coach Outlet Store, the success rate can reach the number? ‘
Tang Zhen frowned, after a moment, just slowly: ‘five percent.’ This figure is his highest estimates, immortality and immortality unusual somewhat different between the refining touches extraordinarily difficult.
‘cross-fire refining immortality, immortality can make the success rate was heightening some help from me, the success rate should be able to add some.’ Mang Yan smiled and said,Coach Bags On Sale, he is not arrogant, but on their own technique of mixing drugs with confidence, coupled with his unusual seven items refining pharmacists stronger than many of soul force, he is absolutely sure that this sentence. Xiao Yan
hear these words, Don is a bit of a surprise toppled looked at him,Coach Outlet, but after the previous test, and therefore not much doubt in the eyes of touches, this looks not much older young people, it does seem that some simple.
↓ say this is not to scorpionfish Yao anything, but wanted to tell deposit Guzhu, invited me, and will not decide what is wrong,Coach Outlet Store Online, perhaps, it is the success rate of this little, would have the alchemy, Guzhu beyond expectations. ‘Xiao Yan eyes staring straight Tang Zhen, said.
Tang Zhen fingers gently paddling on the desktop, said: ‘Rock owl or do not want to give up a small friendly

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look grim looking Xiao Yan, holding machetes,coach bags outlet sale, strode out, however, that the pace has just taken two steps down is directly stiff.
萧炎欣 long body stand on top of the stone, dark eyes looked calm flood stand at the moment, on the palm of the flame fusion has completely ended, a palm-sized, beautiful aquamarine fire lotus, sailed suspended above the palm of your hand, and as the fire slowly rotating lotus, a small dark space slightest crack, quickly spread out.
‘chasing too cool?’ Xiao Yan looked at that face stiff Hong Li,Coach Outlet, then glanced 洪家强 those who Blockhouse meter L, within weeks, and mouth off touch Senleng smiling softly.
‘withdrawal!’ Hung Li eye pupil slightly reduced, snapped.
‘late’ Xiao Yan smiled,Coach Outlet Store Online, stature, such as the ghostly slowly dissipated, and went straight to the green fire lotus flower, but it is to stay in place, then, an bright shining light,Coach Factory Outlet, with a trace of destruction force, crashing explode! Nine hundred and fortieth chapters decisive rage
shaking loud noise, a huge green waves of fire, like thousands of horses in general, with Ge huge rumbling sound, since the fire lotus explosion, like a tide pouring crazy!
this moment,Coach Outlet Store, the whole of today are violent Hao stone material up a road thick cracks arm waves spread from the Fire Department, a steady stream of spread out, spread of fire wave speed is very fast, just a few breathing room, is to catch up with those who have just surrounded 洪家强 over,Coach Outlet Online, fire wave crest, like a huge Xiongshou general, will it give all swallow a mouthful o $$ and enter! Puchi!
spurting sound waves came from the fire, and soon the figure as more than a dozen hit hard like, shot down out of the body in the paint on the ground out of a bloodstain on the meter, shocking.
waves of fire spread, including almost half stone

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also could not help but admire the eyes of old bone shrunk, some ugly looking. Speaking truth to be on than fighting words, ‘I am afraid that even the bear after the war turned, and are not necessarily able to defeat Mu old bones, but bears no concerns can try to fight the fight,Coach Factory Outlet, but the old man was Mu bone
is not, he will have to participate in behind Dan ‘and Dan will get the championship, and then wait for an opportunity to snatch three thousand Yan Yan fire, if there is war and bear down their opponents, then what spare time to go and human race? Under this concern, so he can not really fight with the bear Sike recklessly, but if you do not
real hands if he could not beat the bear fight, this situation, but added that he has made it into a loop anyway, can not juggle. Mu bone old mans eyes blinking rapidly. After a good long while, just a bite bitterly, eyes turned to the sky Yinhen Xiao Yan, cold shouted: ” Xiao Yan,Coach Outlet Store, this will let you good luck, such as Dan
End ‘deity given to personally resolve you! ” ‘fight is.’, Xiao Yan is Hanmang eyes flashing. sneered that time if it was three thousand and Yan Yan will be the refining fire,cheap coach bags, he is certainly not will be afraid of this old guy!
” Bi! ‘. Mu heard the elderly face a slightly smoked bone, turning it as soon Senleng tower stands on the mountain’s general war bears, palms clasped together extremely unwilling, after a moment. Finally, do not fruitless, Xiupao wave in deep space is slowly twisted ‘soon its stature of a move. ‘
swept into the distortion of space, disappear. ” Xiao Yan, will your little life,Coach Outlet Store, to keep the deity! . ‘Mu bones of the elderly, although the figure disappeared,Coach Outlet Store, but the cold Sheng. Still through space,coach purses outlet, sailed in this piece of the sky resounded reverberate.
Xiao Yan slightly narrowed eyes’

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angry, and that anger sources, Xiao Yan is naturally weekdays when skilled around the valley create a grudge against the destruction of the giant sound.
in such a fit right now the strength and temper, the time from the fingertips across quickly, we knew it, is half time in the past,Coach Outlet Online, but this time, it has always been no movement there is finally a light cocoon a surprise change to make Xiao Yan, light cocoon surface,Coach Outlet Online, not only those runes more light-bodied,Coach Outlet Store Online, and faint between, there is a subtle crack spread, cracks, but also revealing the slightest purple miniature.
see such a situation, it seems that when the distance purple research breakthrough, not far away
valley air,Coach Outlet Store Online, a man in black shadow standing vacant, but at the moment, his hands are fast bear complicated complex fingerprints, and with its knot moving faster and faster, all appear to have finally even a little blur .
Xiao Yan looked somber hands whipped fingerprints, with a touch of red in the face. Also emerged over the forehead sweat a little fine, it seems that fingerprints on the consumption of vindictiveness, but also quite scary.
a moment, suddenly whipped printed statement solidification,Coach Outlet, Xiao Yan snapped shout: ‘! turn haiyin’
fall Sheng, Xiao Yan fingerprints solidified on a weird arc, palms facing the sky crashing launched, and with the launch of its palm, an majestic vindictive suddenly emerged immediately that it would be quickly enveloped palm Xiao Yan, And in this boundless energy condensates. Cuticle layer of aquamarine condensate quietly now!
strange aquamarine cuticle Xiao Yan fingerprints quickly parcel, after an instant, like a fingerprint printed aquamarine crystal light suddenly Pushe same size! This fall light
India, like aquamarine crystal Birds in general,Coach Factory Outlet, gorgeous extraordinary, boundless

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killed on the spot, under a legislator, they can only be snapped.
‘Nothing, nothing extermination.’ Xiao Yan olive micro smiled, the sound is quite plain road.
however is so plain words, but it is so fierce was Mulan old folk heart sank, although they have to prepare for, but still can not preparatory to some,Tiffany Outlet, Xiao Yan dare risking such a big risk to this Armed Forces Union – Union of the land within their attack.
‘If you kill him, and I Mulan Valley Yun is completely hostile, to the time, I am afraid they will die endlessly hold!’ Mulan, who left the Valley Presbyterian,Tiffany Outlet, dark eyes looked at Xiao Yan, hunting channel .
‘I almost inflammation Union also destroyed by you, now say such a thing, is not it a bit late?’ Xiao Yan short laugh,Tiffany & Co Outlet, smile, but also reveals a little awe-inspiring, but when talking, their palms Meng slightly tight, that were Steller Elders face suddenly flushed up, dilating the tick, constantly gasped.
two 名慕兰 Valley Presbyterian face twitching slightly, after a moment, just took a deep breath, suppressed rage hearts Road, ‘Xiao Yan, as long as you let him, I can swear on the spot, Gu Mu Lou never again in the future Gama Empire and find you the trouble of inflammation alliance,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, how? ‘
‘not how.’ Xiao Yan smiled.
two 名慕兰 Valley Presbyterian eye pupil slightly reduced,Tiffany Outlet Store, palms back behind the sudden move implied the knot begin printing, the mouth is Chen Sheng said,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, ‘If you are still not satisfied, I can use my Mulan Valley Three wild beast never to return, how about this one? This power law, but the door to put a middle power, how power, you are also personally experienced. ‘
‘three beasts concubine shortage decisions?’ Hear this, Xiao Yan eyes a move, but it looks like he saw that two Ming Mulan Valley Presbyterian eyes suddenly passing touch of subtle

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pondered, scorching fire engulfed three thousand, although the strength of soaring leads, but after the rate soared, but also back to normal, the eight children in this practice, Xiao Yan want to achieve two stars respect,Tiffany & Co Outlet, I am afraid we will need at least six months, but now he and the soul of the house more and more against each other, but also many times during the fight, although he is safe now, but he also understands that the real soul of the house of the strong who may have not played, so what, when these come out strong, perhaps in relation to his bad times, so, in the soul of the house under the mountain of oppression, he must enhance their strength as soon as possible.
for Xiao Yan,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, the quickest way to enhance the strength, that is undoubtedly different fire engulfed ‘But now three thousand Yan Yan fire at hand, the other different fire, he is not the slightest bit of news, that Mu bone sea elderly Yan Xiao Yan heart surprisingly coveted, but since he Jin into the bucket respect, this old guy is like disappeared in general, does not appear in front of him, and therefore he wanted to cut off the idea of ​​robbing the sea flame.
‘smoked children ……
Xiao Yan fingers gently grinding fondle, hesitated a moment later it suddenly quit satisfied flexor of a bomb … a few extremely ancient drawings will be out of their hands now, these three old broken Couto, is naturally Xiao Yan get a mysterious map for several years,Tiffany Outlet, and in it, recorded it ranked third in the standings in the cross-fire demon fire Joren information.
With more tyrannical strength now, for these different fire standings in front of different fire,Tiffany Outlet Store, Xiao Yan is also know they are tough and rare degree, this Joren fire demon,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, a mysterious known, even if is not even old drugs,Tiffany Outlet, Such differences are

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his eyes to see Xiao Yan, mind is relieved immediately sweet smiles’ to her perception of nature is able to detect Hsiao-yen’s strength now,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, there has been a great improvement .
‘This six-star ‘with ancient demon, and that compared to the soul cliff, or the difference between the number of’ Xiao Yan straightened, hear the bones of the body came crackling sound Cui Xiang, laughing.
‘They practice time, a lot longer than you, in which you record this year, they can not compare you,Tiffany Outlet, ‘and that the two communities are have a very deep bottom Mi’ they received training, but also ordinary people can not figurative. ‘Kaoru children Yanzui chuckle,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, said:’ If Xiao Yan brother childhood training is so,Tiffany & Co Outlet, then maybe now is to reach the level of fighting holy ‘§ / small §.
‘want to achieve the holy struggle, not rely on these ……’ ‘§ / small §
Xiao Yan shook his head helplessly, then stood up ‘energy curtains eyes looking away, smiled and said: ‘Come on’ Next, we have seen some of this day go tomb of the second layer, What kind of danger of ……, ‘§ / small §
voice down, Xiao Yan Yi Duo foot boulders floating stature is directly in front of the light curtain swept away, in its wake,Tiffany Outlet, Kaoru children smile,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, but also quickly followed. § \\ say §§ / net § 1320th chapters Pursuit
accompanied by approaching the huge energy curtain ‘an unusual powerful energy coercion which is self-filled and open ……,
‘good strong energy coercion ‘want to pass this layer screens, if the strength is not enough, I am afraid will be directly pressed into powder’ Xiao Yan stature outside the energy curtains to stop’ palm gently worn in which ‘ feeling that energy coercion and slightly surprised Road.
‘ah ‘general’ strength in respect of the following five star people ‘are unable to enter.’ ‘Kaoru