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Hello and thanks for stopping by Real Mom*togs!  I started Real Mom*togs as a place where we can all interact and see each other kids and images.  This is a place where all Mom*togs are welcome to post their favorite pictures of their own kids!  What should you post?  Anything, as long as it has to do with your kids and photography! I will be posting topics from time to time to give you inspiration of what to post (Hint: Sign up for the Mom*tog Facebook page to see these topics early!).

And you don’t have to have a fancy DSLR camera to post pictures either.  Other Mom*togs want to know what you are shooting with so be sure to post what camera you used and the settings if applicable (just like I do on my Mom*tog posts!).

Feel free to post as often as you’d like.  We will be bringing back our “Mom*tog of the Week” section and this is where we will be finding those Mom*togs so be sure to post!

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First birthday for my baby, Collin

Collin, our little one year old (as of May 9th) has one of the sweetest personalities and I am loving this stage that we are in! He crawls so fast that I can barely clean-up one mess before he is on to another one! Oh dear!

I love that he smiles with his whole face, especially his beautiful blues!


Sony A77, 50mm, 1.8One-Year-6_edited-1 One-Year-10 One-Year-11_edited-1

Entering the Momtog World

3 months old today. I’ve never been a baby person. I spent my entire pregnancy upset, afraid, angry, etc.; I just was not looking forward to being a mom (even though I knew that the timing was right and that this was right for us). Since having Darrow, I am completely at peace. Life feels right with him in it. He’s added such a special dimension to our family that I never knew existed. There are nights of little sleep, diaper explosions, extra bags to carry around, and more laundry to do, but I wouldn’t trade life now for anything. The depression before and during pregnancy weren’t fun, but I think it has made the current peace and joy more recognizable, appreciated, and special. I wouldn’t change previous chapters of my life, but now that I’m in this chapter, I wouldn’t go back to any previous time in life. I’m loving life as a mom (and subsequently a Momtographer). Life is good. Life is Joy. And now my family and friends can all say “I told you so.”

Nikon D90, 50 mm lens, f 2.2, 1/150, ISO 350

Our Year

I’m Dina a military wife, a mom and a photographer.  I’ve been on a journey to improve my photography by going to Art School and sharing my love of photography with other moms in my local area.  I also love to follow my son around and photography him.  Recently my husband was selected for a year tour to Korea.
It is part of the military, so I can’t help but be sad but I know that it’s what I signed up for as well.  But to make a positive out of a negative I decided to take on a daily photo of our little boy until my husband returned to us.  So, he takes images of his location in Korea and then I take pictures of our son.  We share them on a private blog.  It has been really positive to allow us to stay connected and I’m so thankful for having technology to be able to do that!

mom*tog memory

It’s not easy getting the golden light here in the UK where we tend to have grey over cast skies! This was one evening with rare golden evening light so i grabbed the opportunity to take some photos of Leila.